About Us
Naree and Dara are two sisters from Michigan who have a passion for family, friends and parties with lovely details.  Naree is married to her wonderful husband Peter and is currently a full time Mom of two lovable little girls.  Prior to that, she received a degree in art history and worked in public relations in the visual and performing arts. Dara has a degree in advertising and works full time at a transportation company. 

Our Story
When Naree was working out of the home, she worked on the logistical end of event planning.  Which included; coordinating guest lists, sponsors and media.  When she made the decision to stay home to raise her babies, Naree found herself planning parties once again, but now the planning was more focused on styling.  She also realized that having a growing family involved plenty of entertaining, planning a lot of parties and attending lots of parties.  As Naree was party planning she started bouncing ideas off her sister Dara to get a different perspective.  They found themselves out shopping or reading a magazine and still looking at things and thinking how great that would be for this party or that party although there were no parties to plan at the time.  That’s when they decided to start a blog as a journal and collection of ideas and objects that inspire them. 

Things That Make Us Smile
all things vintage, thrift stores, yard sales, design, local little shops, tea, books, flowers, champagne and of course blogs.

Drop us a line or just say “hello” by emailing us at cupcakesandconfettii@gmail.com.