Rapunzel Birthday Party

My youngest daughter decided on a Rapunzel themed party for her third birthday.  So we got started planning right away.  I found some adorable printables from Stacy’s Sweet Stuff.  Stacy has many super cute designs on her Etsy shop, so be sure to check it out.

We made a braid out of yarn to hang in the foyer.  It was an inexpensive project that we did over the winter, when I couldn’t get the girls outside.

  We decided to put lanterns on the dessert table to also tie in with the theme. 

We love to save a penny when possible.  We found some free printables from family.go.  Dara put them together and we used them as centerpieces.  Another way we saved some money was to use some things we already had.  My daughter had some figurines from the movie, so we put those on a table as well. 

My oldest daughter came up with the wonderful idea to put up the “Snuggly Duckling” where the buffet was. 

Amelia loved her party and we had a blast adding the special little touches for her. 


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