Graduation Gifts for Her

Graduation season is in full swing and it's time to congratulate these students for their hard work and help and encourage them to move onto the next stage of their lives.  This selection of grad gifts are put together especially for the gals who are headed away to college.  White towels are definitely a necessity.  When she's done with the towels, she can toss them into a personal laundry bag and head for the washer and dryer.  This book titled "She" is filled with great little inspirational quotes.  We all need some inspiration once and a while, especially during those stressful college years.  These super fab pencils are also gentle reminders to a student to be all that you can be while taking notes during class or working on homework in the library.  

basik 855

Throughout my life I've been asked the question, "Where are you from?", and usually I say, "I'm from x, a suburb north of Detroit."  Sometimes when I give that answer I get a weird look and then I see that that person meant, "Where are you from?"  Like, "What's your background?"  I'm Cambodian, I was born in Thailand and my parents and I were fortunate enough to come here to the United States when I was a toddler. 

That's my story and now you'll understand why I chose to feature basik 855 today.  The company offers fashion and home products in bold, modern patterns that are handwoven by artisians in Cambodia.  Daniel Flickinger started the Push Pull Cambodia Weaving Center in Takeo Province, Cambodia in 2009 which creates the designs and products for basik 855.  The goal of the Push Pull Cambodia Weaving Center and basik 855 is to stimulate a renaissance of Cambodian ikat so that the people of Takeo can make a better living—one rooted in their own customs.  Read more about the company and their story here.  Pretty fabulous, right?  Check out their site, buy and support. 
4. Lumbar Pillow - Basket 5.Lumbar Pillow - Mint Triangle

Paper Flowers, Oranges + Moss Centerpiece

I've been inspired by citrus for some summer projects lately.  Orange, lemon and lime are perfect summer colors and flavors if you ask me and I've been noticing it around quite a bit.  Here is my idea for an orange infused centerpiece with pops of pink paper flowers on a carpet of moss.  I think it's super fun and colorful for a summer party.  What do you think?


Blog Birthday


Cupcakes & Confetti is one year old today!!!  I can't believe it.  This year has been incredible.  Incredible I tell you!  I was terrified at the idea of having a blog.  I know that that may sound weird but, I was afraid to share pieces of myself.  I was afraid people would laugh at me.  I was afraid to fail.  I've come a long way since my shaky first post.  (Please don't look back at it.)  A year ago I never knew I could create a mood board.  I didn't know I would connect with some amazingly talented people.  I didn't know I could overcome my fear to create and share.  For me Cupcakes & Confetti has brought out a creative side of me that I never knew existed.  Through blogging, I've gained some new skills, a new view of myself and the possibilities out there. 

I would like to thank anyone who has read my posts or supported me by way of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or any other way. You're the best!!! You have energized my spirit and given a skip to my step.  I'm thankful that you have taken time out of your busy life and decided to take a sneak peek into mine.  Like I said, it took me a lot of courage to get to this point of sharing my thoughts and ideas. 

I have some goals I would like to accomplish over the next year and I hope to meet those goals head on. I would like to strengthen my current skills and learn some new ones.  I would like to gain more readers and more "likes" on my Facebook page.  I really need some likes on my FB page so if you haven't already, please head on over and hit "like".  Pretty please.  I know I shouldn't base success on numbers, but unfortunately I do and others do too.  I know that with blogging, just like everything else, I need to "keep at it" and that's what I plan on doing.  I'm going to keep at it.  I also have some other secret goals for myself.  I hope to make those goals, those dreams a reality and I hope to share them with you.  I learned so much over this past year and I can't wait to see what the year ahead has in store for me.  Again, I thank you for sharing and supporting this journey with me and I hope you continue to enjoy the ride with me.  You're all fabulous and I hope you have a fabulous weekend. xx


Falling For OMG Stencils

Wall Stencil Casablanca Moroccan Allower Pattern Wall Room Decor Made by OMG Stencils Home Improvements Color Paintings 0027

I know that Thursday here at Cupcakes & Confetti is usually reserved for the It's Her Business series, but today I'm taking of a bit a turn.  Today's business is owned by a man.  Gasp!  I know!  I stumbled across Jimmy Black's shop OMG Stencils and totally fell for the images.  I would love to do this to a space in my home.  Take a peak.  I bet you'll be falling for Jimmy Black too and OMG Stencils

Wall Stencil  Geometric Pattern Wall Room Decor Made by OMG Stencils Home Improvements Color Paintings 0007
 Wall Stencil  Damask Pattern Wall Room Decor Made by OMG Stencils Home Improvements Color Paintings 0025
Wall Stencil  Geometric  Square Pattern Wall Room Decor Made by OMG Stencils Home Improvements Color Paintings 0010

Picnic Inspiration

 I had every intention to post this picnic inspiration board on the Friday before Memorial Day, but just before I was about to sit down to finish it, the power went out for a few hours.  I'm not complaining, just explaining.  Then I thought I can still publish this post because picnics are an all spring and summer thing right? 
I found this lady like fabric that inspired me to think about a lady's picnic filled with floral details.  Put down a special blanket.  This one that I found is obviously made for a couple, but you get the idea.  By the way, that blanket would make a great wedding gift.  Don't you think?  I'm in love with this vintage tea set and basket.  Sip something cool from these little printed straws.  And don't forget to dress yourself up too.  I found these gingham printed earrings.  

Cloth 2 U
PBxH//Maggie Mae Vintage
Terrain//Lennon's Lovelies