Balloon Party Decor


When I think of balloons, I think of a child's party with cartoon character shaped balloons from the big box party supply store - cheesy, but the kids love it.  I also know that the ordinary balloon can transform the atmoshpere of an event too.  Balloons always seem to say, "Hey, look up here!", which is a good thing because sometimes we forget to take notice of the sky and what's above us.  Check out these not so ordinary ideas to decorate your next party with the classic and affordable balloon. 

1. Martha Stewart Weddings 2.Pretty My Party 3.My Big Balloon
4.Love and Lavender 5.Green Wedding Shoes


{Sweet of the Week} Unfrosted Cakes

I've been noticing these "unfinished" cakes around lately and I adore them.  You can see the construction of the cake and the "glue" that holds it together because it's free of frosting.  I found this cake on 100 Layer Cake, made by The Cake Collection.  You know how I love the unexpected and yes, we always expect to see a finished cake that's perfectly frosted.  Can I tell you a little secret?  One of my pet peeves is too much sugary frosting and I end up scraping off most of the frosting off cakes and cupcakes before I eat them.  I think this might be the perfect cake for me.      

It's Her Business: Handmade by Sara Kim

Image of Love Bouquet
Today's creative business is Handmade by Sara Kim.  I'm a girly girl. I like glitter and the color pink, so when I came across Sara Kim's shop I ooohed and ahhed at the sight of all the girly goodness.  Sara and her sister Claire have teamed together to bring to life some lovely creations for weddings and additional items to make your everyday a little more sparkly.
Image of White Snow Bangle
I'm loving this White Snow Bangle.
Image of Dandelion Necklace
Image of Paper Flower Decorations
Sara also makes these super cute paper flowers perfect for a bridal or baby shower or any event that needs the extra little touch of handmade sweetness.

Image of Love Garden

So, are you crushing over Sara's designs like I am?  Stay connected with Handmade by Sara through her blog, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.


Spring Party Palette: Mint + Yellow

Spring may officially begin tomorrow, but last Saturday I woke up to a snow covered lawn.  I'm sick of snow and I'm totally in need of some color and for spring to arrive.  This color palette of mint and yellow is makes me think of spring and happiness.  Come on spring!  I know you're just around the corner.  If you could get here sooner than later I would really appreciate it.   

Anthropolgie//Laura Trevey//I Felt Fuzzy
Pratt Creek Art//Zeldabelle

First Communion Invitation

I've been busy preparing for my oldest daughter's first communion.  My daughter has been studying and doing her work and we recently went on a shopping trip to pick out the cherished dress and veil.  I didn't realize how much my little girl has grown until I was snapping pictures of her trying on first communion dresses and then I looked back at the pictures and I no longer saw the baby and toddler that I once remembered. 

For her first communion invitation and party, I decided to go with a pink and gray color palette.  I was inspired by the pattern of a trellis and I came up with this design and my sister helped me assemble them.  The print is in gray and I made daughter's name pop out in pink.  I then incorporated a gray colored cross at the top and a trellis like pattern at the bottom.  The envelopes came unlined, but I dressed them up with a little pink paper.  What do you think?


St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

How are you celebrating St. Patrick's Day?  I'll be honest, I normally just celebrate by eating a little corned beef and cabbage and by wearing a hint of green.  I know, not very exciting at all.  If you're still looking for a few ways to add a little more fun to your St. Patty's Day, I put together this round up from around the blogging world.  A pretty DIY barrette, pot of gold pinata, an Irish peppermint shake, a styled tabletop and a clover shaped cookie are included.  Happy St. Patty's Day!  Stay green peeps!  xx
4. Coordiantely Yours 5.The Proper Pinwheel

It's Her Business: Detroit Metal Works

Pinned Image

Today as part of the It's Her Business series, I'm really happy to introduce to you Kirstie.  Kirstie's business is Detroit Metal Works.  She and I have a mutual friend and when I was introduced to Kirstie's creations I just loved seeing a woman working with metal, which I typically think as a masculine type of material.  Some of her work includes this super cool "eye chart" that I'm obsessed with along with many other designs.  That's enough from me, let me have Kirstie tell you a little about herself and Detroit Metal Works in her own words.       

What motivated you to start your business?
 My husband, Dan, has been in the steel business (welder/fabricator) for over 20 years. We've been married for 24 years and have 3 boys (23, 11, & 9). With our younger sons reaching 4th and 6th grades I wasn't helping out in their classrooms as much so I began going to Dan's shop every day to help him. I began doing more and more on the CNC machine and I found that I really liked it! So this business just kind of happened! I love being in the shop, and I love working along side Dan. Two of our three sons weld so this business is a way for me to be in their world and to use my own creative style at the same time.
Pinned Image

Where do I find inspiration?
Artistically I'm inspired by other artists and their work. There are a few women who are metal artists that I've started to follow. Their work is so beautiful that it really inspires me to take mine farther. I tend to like things that are different and I'm working towards so many projects that will showcase my style and capabilities. I'm also inspired by my customers; I love when they add their own creativity to a piece.

How has the process of starting your own business been for you so far?
The process of starting a business has been really exciting, however there have definitely been times where I've had to turn to friends and family for help with different business related issues! I'm very fortunate to have such a great support system.

Pinned Image
If I ever have a mountain retreat I would like to have this amazing mountain and deer address sign.  Are you interested in seeing more of Kirstie's work or having her create something one of a kind for you?  Connect with her and Detroit Metal Works on Facebook and Pinterest.


It's Her Business: Kelsey Garrity Riley Illustration

I have to tell all of you that I'm having so much fun putting together the It's Her Business series.  It's no suprise that there are incredibly talented women out there doing incredible things.  Meet Kelsey and her business Kelsey Garrity Riley Illustration.  When I saw Kelsey's illustrations there was just so much love behind her art that came through.  There is a sense of calm and sweetness in the familiar scenes she creates.  I adore the combinations of soft, slightly muted tones Kelsey uses and the adorable faces of the people in her illustrations. 

German Breakfast 8x10

This work above is titled German Breakfast.  Wouldn't this be perfect for a kitchen?

Lady Mary 8.5x11
This one is for you Downton Abbey fans.  I know there are lots of you out there.

Kelsey also does commissions for illustrated and hand lettered wedding invitations.  Isn't this just gorgeous?!  Stay connected with Kelsey on her blog and if your interested in one of her prints hop over to her Etsy shop.

Learning From Other Bloggers

Blogging can be incredibly rewarding and I've learned so much since I started blogging, but it can sometimes be a challenging process too.  Blogging for most of us is a lone process.  We sit by ourselves at the keyboard, with no one next to you to talk to, at least that's how it works for me.  When I write a post, there are usually two little girls around me playing and being loud and little fluffy dog at my feet.  Sometimes my wonderful and supportive husband is around, but he really doesn't understand what I do and can't offer any advice.  

I have lots of questions about blogging and there are times when I simply need some encouragement.  Luckily there are some seasoned bloggers out there that are willing to share their experiences and wisdom on blogging.  I wanted to share with you some great series and resources that I've come across.  You may already know about these sources or may not, for those of you who aren't familiar, I hope you find these as helpful as I do. 

Jordan over at Create Like Crazy has a series called Behind the Blog that I love.  Jordan interviews bloggers and posts the interview in a "Q & A" style.  In the bloggers own words, they anwer questions like "How do you get past creative funks?".

Dream Find Do was created by two fabulous British ladies.  Michelle is an event planning superstar at Pocketful of Dreams and Rebecca is the lifestyle blogger behind Florence Finds.  For those of you in the U.K., you can attend their blogging masterclasses in person, but for those of us who are not, you can follow along on their site for fabulous blogging tips.  

Have you attended a Blog Brunch lately?  Blog Brunch is a community of fellow bloggers that take part in a Twitter party every first Saturday of the month.  Sign up for their newsletter to receive information on upcoming event topics.  If you can't make an event, the Blog Brunch team will post a recap on monthly discussions.

It's one of my goals to make it to an Alt Design Summit, but until then there is plenty to read on their blog and of course they offer tons of ecourses from "super bloggers".  On their blog, I recently read a honest and wonderful post from Tiffanie of the Corner Blog titled Maintaining a Small Blog with Pride.  Let's face it, there are far more small blogs out there than big ones.  I could definitely relate to this post and I'm sure many of you will too. 

The Elembee blog is written by Lisa who's business is designing blogs for the business minded blogger.  Since, Lisa's business is designing great blogs, she offers equally great advice in her "Blogkeeping" series. 

Right now you can't mention great resources for blogging without mentioning Blog, Inc. by Joy Cho of Oh Joy!.  Blog, Inc. has become THE blogging guidebook and yes, I too have read it, forwards and backwards and back again. 


Hello, March!

Well hello there, March!  Seeing March makes me think that winter is nearly over.  We've had another snow fall this past week and I'm ready for spring.  I'm ready for all things green.  Yes, green because St. Patrick's Day, but I'm also dreaming of green grass, green leaves and buds of green peaking through the dirt.  I love the possiblity of spring in March.  What do you love about March?