Learning From Other Bloggers

Blogging can be incredibly rewarding and I've learned so much since I started blogging, but it can sometimes be a challenging process too.  Blogging for most of us is a lone process.  We sit by ourselves at the keyboard, with no one next to you to talk to, at least that's how it works for me.  When I write a post, there are usually two little girls around me playing and being loud and little fluffy dog at my feet.  Sometimes my wonderful and supportive husband is around, but he really doesn't understand what I do and can't offer any advice.  

I have lots of questions about blogging and there are times when I simply need some encouragement.  Luckily there are some seasoned bloggers out there that are willing to share their experiences and wisdom on blogging.  I wanted to share with you some great series and resources that I've come across.  You may already know about these sources or may not, for those of you who aren't familiar, I hope you find these as helpful as I do. 

Jordan over at Create Like Crazy has a series called Behind the Blog that I love.  Jordan interviews bloggers and posts the interview in a "Q & A" style.  In the bloggers own words, they anwer questions like "How do you get past creative funks?".

Dream Find Do was created by two fabulous British ladies.  Michelle is an event planning superstar at Pocketful of Dreams and Rebecca is the lifestyle blogger behind Florence Finds.  For those of you in the U.K., you can attend their blogging masterclasses in person, but for those of us who are not, you can follow along on their site for fabulous blogging tips.  

Have you attended a Blog Brunch lately?  Blog Brunch is a community of fellow bloggers that take part in a Twitter party every first Saturday of the month.  Sign up for their newsletter to receive information on upcoming event topics.  If you can't make an event, the Blog Brunch team will post a recap on monthly discussions.

It's one of my goals to make it to an Alt Design Summit, but until then there is plenty to read on their blog and of course they offer tons of ecourses from "super bloggers".  On their blog, I recently read a honest and wonderful post from Tiffanie of the Corner Blog titled Maintaining a Small Blog with Pride.  Let's face it, there are far more small blogs out there than big ones.  I could definitely relate to this post and I'm sure many of you will too. 

The Elembee blog is written by Lisa who's business is designing blogs for the business minded blogger.  Since, Lisa's business is designing great blogs, she offers equally great advice in her "Blogkeeping" series. 

Right now you can't mention great resources for blogging without mentioning Blog, Inc. by Joy Cho of Oh Joy!.  Blog, Inc. has become THE blogging guidebook and yes, I too have read it, forwards and backwards and back again. 



  1. Hey Naree - this is a really great post! Nice meeting/chatting with you today!

  2. Hi Carolyn! Thanks for stopping by! It was nice meeting you too. :)