Bridal Bouquet

OK friends, this is my last assignment from my floral class - a bridal bouquet!  I love the color combo of pink, white and touches of peach.  It's just my style - feminine and sweet.  I also like the loose style of this bouquet.  Now that this class is over, I need another creative class to take.  Any suggestions?  Perhaps another floral class? 

Tuck and Bonte

Art Deco Circle Cake Topper: Monogrammed
I don't see the Great Gatsby trend going away anytime soon, which is perfectly fine with me.  I love the mix of glamour, clean lines and feeling of nostalgia.  Tuck and Bonte offers some fabulous Art Deco inspired wedding d├ęcor perfect to style a Great Gatsby like wedding.  I love it and want it.

Art Deco: Table Number Cards (13-24) 
Art Deco Banner: Love Birds

Floral Crown

I'm super excited to be sharing this post with all of you today!  I obsessed with floral crowns, not only for flower girls, but also for any lady who wants to feel pretty.  I learned how to make floral crowns in the floral design course I'm taking with Chelsea.  This one that I'm wearing is made of wax flower, golden rod and baby's breath.  I'm hooked even more than I was before on floral crowns and floral design in general.  My sister mentioned something about making a smaller version of the crown and wearing it like a bracelet.  Wouldn't a floral bracelet be perfect accessory on a bride for her bridal shower?  Flowers just make everything a little more special from floral arrangements for celebrations to making a person feel special.  I think flowers are pretty stinking fabulous and I can't wait to make another floral crown. 

Coffee In Bed

Canoe and Paddles Linocut Relief Print - Printmaking Paddling Outdoors River Stream Mountains
I'm falling for Coffee In Bed's linocut prints made by artist Mike Dale.  They totally remind me of summer.  Light, happy, sun filled days that you will hope will never end. 

Beer and Bike Turquoise Linocut Relief Print - Printmaking Bicycle Commuter Messenger Microbrew Beer
Forest Fern Green Linocut Block Relief Print - Plant Fern Flowers Garden Forest Home and Garden Decor

Wild English Arrangement

Hey everybody!  Here's some more fun with flowers that I've been working on here.  This one is a wild English arrangement.  The goal is to achieve the feeling of a traditional English garden, an effortless, "picked from the garden" look. 

The selection of flowers in my area is limited, so I'm trying to work with what's available to me.  I think I might have to start my own cut flower garden. 

We The Sciencey

I am forever on the hunt for Star Wars related gifts for my Star Wars fanatic husband.  I found this "May the force be with you" stamp from We The Sciencey.  I thought he could use it to stamp his students papers when he corrects them and add a little personality and fun to that sometimes not so fun task.  We The Sciencey is a shop where science meets art, fun and fiction.  As you can imagine it has all sorts of great gift ideas for science fiction lovers from Trekkies to Dr. Who fans. 
The crayon set was named by the crayon contest winners and include super fun names like "Wookie Brown" and "Dragonfire Red".  10% of the profits from the sale of these crayon sets will go to fund enriching, fun, and educational programs for children with Aspergers Syndrome.  How great!  "Beam" (sorry, I had to do it) over to the shop is see all the great gear that We The Sciencey offers.




Hand-Tied Bouquet

It's summer - my husband and daughter are out of school and I'm kind of in school for the summer and that's the reason you've seen less of me here at the blog.  I started off at the end of May taking The Style Lab course by the lovely ladies at Confetti Pop and learned a thing or two about photo styling.  If you have a blog, business or simply want to know a little more about photo styling, I highly recommend taking the course.   

At the moment, I'm taking Floral Arranging 101 with the talented Chelsea from Frolic.  I just finished my first week and made a first hand-tied bouquet!  That's it up there!  It's a start and I can only go up from here.  I've been tapping into my creative, girly side all while playing with flowers - I couldn't be happier.  

I love that in life you are constantly absorbing new knowledge and skills.  You can take control and make the decision to take the time and put in the work to learn something new.  Part of learning process is making mistakes, which for me is difficult to accept.  I love learning each lesson and attempting to do the homework assignments, but the critique - that's rough.  I'm only human, right?  I'm taking it much better now though then I did in my younger years. 

So that's what I've been up to.  I've been jumping into new things, improving myself and embracing change. I'll keep you posted on my progress.  How about you?  Are any of you taking any classes out there?  Are any of you interested in trying something new?