New Blog: Northern Bloom

A bridal bouquet I made for a styled shoot I did with
Heather of HMN Photography and Alora of Alora Rachelle Photography. 

Hi friends!  I'm super excited to tell you about my brand new blog today!  I've been feeling like Cupcakes & Confetti has been needing a change for quite a while now.  This little blog has changed so much since I started over a year ago.  My sister isn't part of the blog, so it has become my space and I'm sure you've noticed that I've been posting more and more about floral design.  Don't get me wrong I still love a great party.  The reality is that I don't plan a party every week that I can post, but with flowers I can create a design every week that I can post.  I like being able to create my own original content and it has become a natural but unexpected transition into flowers that I've walked into.  So this is where the road has led me, I'll now be blogging over at my new blog - Northern Bloom, where I'll be talking about flowers of course along with an occasional celebration here and there.  I hope you continue to follow me and my journey over at Northern Bloom.

Farm Fresh Floral Arrangement Part II

Hey everyone!  So here's the second part of my farm fresh floral arrangement post.  As I mentioned earlier, I purchased some celosia along with some other beauties from Reinhardt Blooms at a local farmer's market.  Today, I'm showing you what I created with the celosia.  This flower is so amazing for fall arrangements.  I love it's shape and softness.  I also adore the purplish hue of the leaves, so I left the leaves on to allow them to show through.  Along with the celosia I added some dahlias from my sister-in-law's garden and some Japanese maple branches and sedum from my own garden.    


Farm Fresh Floral Arrangement Part I

Hey Friends!  Over Labor Day weekend I went to a local farmers' market and picked up some fabulous fresh flowers grown by the amazing Reinhardt Blooms and I also had the pleasure of meeting their floral designer, Katie.  Reinhardt Blooms is a 30 plus acre flower farm here in Michigan that has been run by five generations. Pretty amazing, right? They grow and sell flowers and also offer floral design services for weddings and events.  You must check out their site and blog to see pics.  It's absolutely dreamy.  Katie uses ingredients from their farm for her gorgeous and dramatic, garden style designs.  It's a style I'm trying to master.  I love garden style floral arrangements and the way it allows the natural beauty and shape of blooms to show through the design. 

I purchased scabiosa pods, celosia and cosmos to create two different floral arrangements.  I'm sharing this one with you today.  Stay tuned for the second one next week.  It's not as spectacular as Katie's designs, but I hope with some hard work and practice, that I'll get there.  I used three ingredients all grown at local farms in this arrangement.  The cosmos and scabiosa pods are from Reinhardt Blooms and the beautiful peach colored dahlias are from farm owned by a family friend.  I love the sunny, happy feeling of the arrangement and I hope you do too.  Have a wonderful week friends!  



A Peach Filled Weekend

This weekend is Labor Day weekend here in the states.  It's summer's last hooray for many of us.  It's one last camping trip or barbecue before the crisp cool air of autumn touches us and the school year begins. For me, I'll be celebrating my weekend at the Peach Festival.  I grew up in a little town, where my parents still live and like many small American towns, there's an annual festival filled with carnival rides and parades.  My family spends the weekend at my parents' house and we take my daughters to the daily activities in town and we all have our fill of peach everything.  I'm planning on buying some fresh peaches from one of the many local orchards to make a peach blueberry cobbler for dessert.  So, that's how I'll be spending my weekend.  How will you be spending yours?   


Hydrangea Garland

Have you noticed that I've been posting more on flowers lately?  I've been reading a lot on floral arranging and practicing techniques along the way.  This blog has now become a flower journal for me too and I hope you don't mind.  One of the books I'm currently reading is by Jane Packer, and this is my version of a hydrangea garland she created.  She displayed it as a dramatic centerpiece like I did here.  Along with the main ingredient and hosta leaves from my sister-in-law's garden, I also included golden rod foraged from a field.  Some of the hydrangea blooms are past their prime, but since I was just experimenting, I wasn't worried about how perfect the flowers were.  Although, I do like the way the flowers blossom into a bright pink and then turn into a lovely shade of green and blush.   

Wedding Swings

I'm currently obsessed with the thought of using a decorated swing for an outdoor wedding.  It's the mix of youth, innocence and whimsy when I see these swings that just gets to me.  Would you use a swing in your wedding?  If anything, it's a romantic photo op for you and your sweetie.     

French Style Weddings //Blue Fox Willow
The Frosted Petticoat // Elizabeth Anne Designs //Green Wedding Shoes

White Dahlia Arrangement

Happy Monday morning friends!  I had some leftover blooms from the shoot I recently styled, so I played around to create this sweet little arrangement.  It's comprised of dahlias, queen anne's lace, hydrangea, hosta and morning glory.  Can you tell that I'm falling for floral design?  Here's to a productive and wonderful week!

Dream Cruise Weekend

I live in Metro Detroit and if you haven't heard, cars are kind of a big deal  around these parts.  This weekend is the Woodward Dream Cruise.  It's an event where owners of classic cars drive down a popular stretch of road while car enthusiasts sit and watch the cars go by.  Over the years the event has morphed into a week long celebration that includes all types of cars, classic and new.  This is my ode to the almighty automobile that moves this region.  

 A Goth Shop // Vinyl Art by Allison
In or Out Media //Alice's Studio
Rock My Wedding //Rock My World, Inc.


If you follow me on Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook, you may have noticed that I've been working on a little something with the wonderful Heather over at HMN Photography and the sweet Alora of Alora Rachelle Photography.  We've been busy pinning, scouting and prepping for a vintage inspired bridal shoot.  Over the weekend we finally got together and got it done.  It was a perfectly beautiful day and it was just as I had envisioned it to be!  August is usually hot and muggy here in Michigan so, I was hopping not to melt during this outdoor shoot. The weather ended up being mild with no rain.  Hooray!

I have to admit that I was a bit nervous, but super excited about this project.  This is the first time I've had a opportunity to collaborate on a shoot like this.  I was hopping that all of us had the same vision and that we would work well together creatively and otherwise.  I was hopping that I could deliver what was expected of me.  I wanted all the details to come together naturally, organically and without force.  And thankfully, it did.  I was relaxed, comfortable and at ease with these ladies and our beautiful model Katie too.  

The reason why I read other people's blogs and the reason I blog is because I seek inspiration and I seek people who share the same interests that I do.  I have loved this process of collaborating because it allowed me to be in touch with people who find beauty and importance in the same things I do.  Honestly, I don't take the best pictures and I know that.  I needed Heather and Alora to work with.  They are amazing photographers who see images through their lenses in a different way than I ever could.  I think we're a great team and I'm hopping to work together again in the future.

That bad picture up there is one that I took at home.  That pretty dahlia made it's way into the photo shoot.  Stay tuned to see what I did with the dahlia and to see the results of the shoot! 


Queen Anne's Lace Inspiration

I live in an area where there farms and open land nearby.  Right now those open fields are dancing with Queen Anne's Lace blooms.  I know many people drive by and overlook what to them may seem just like weeds, but to me they are a lovely delicate and dreamy flower that deserves to be highlighted.

1. Beneath Northern Skies 2.Pistachio Press 3.Slywia Glass Art
4.Madder Root 5.Corn Cob Cove

Bridal Bouquet

OK friends, this is my last assignment from my floral class - a bridal bouquet!  I love the color combo of pink, white and touches of peach.  It's just my style - feminine and sweet.  I also like the loose style of this bouquet.  Now that this class is over, I need another creative class to take.  Any suggestions?  Perhaps another floral class? 

Tuck and Bonte

Art Deco Circle Cake Topper: Monogrammed
I don't see the Great Gatsby trend going away anytime soon, which is perfectly fine with me.  I love the mix of glamour, clean lines and feeling of nostalgia.  Tuck and Bonte offers some fabulous Art Deco inspired wedding d├ęcor perfect to style a Great Gatsby like wedding.  I love it and want it.

Art Deco: Table Number Cards (13-24) 
Art Deco Banner: Love Birds

Floral Crown

I'm super excited to be sharing this post with all of you today!  I obsessed with floral crowns, not only for flower girls, but also for any lady who wants to feel pretty.  I learned how to make floral crowns in the floral design course I'm taking with Chelsea.  This one that I'm wearing is made of wax flower, golden rod and baby's breath.  I'm hooked even more than I was before on floral crowns and floral design in general.  My sister mentioned something about making a smaller version of the crown and wearing it like a bracelet.  Wouldn't a floral bracelet be perfect accessory on a bride for her bridal shower?  Flowers just make everything a little more special from floral arrangements for celebrations to making a person feel special.  I think flowers are pretty stinking fabulous and I can't wait to make another floral crown. 

Coffee In Bed

Canoe and Paddles Linocut Relief Print - Printmaking Paddling Outdoors River Stream Mountains
I'm falling for Coffee In Bed's linocut prints made by artist Mike Dale.  They totally remind me of summer.  Light, happy, sun filled days that you will hope will never end. 

Beer and Bike Turquoise Linocut Relief Print - Printmaking Bicycle Commuter Messenger Microbrew Beer
Forest Fern Green Linocut Block Relief Print - Plant Fern Flowers Garden Forest Home and Garden Decor

Wild English Arrangement

Hey everybody!  Here's some more fun with flowers that I've been working on here.  This one is a wild English arrangement.  The goal is to achieve the feeling of a traditional English garden, an effortless, "picked from the garden" look. 

The selection of flowers in my area is limited, so I'm trying to work with what's available to me.  I think I might have to start my own cut flower garden. 

We The Sciencey

I am forever on the hunt for Star Wars related gifts for my Star Wars fanatic husband.  I found this "May the force be with you" stamp from We The Sciencey.  I thought he could use it to stamp his students papers when he corrects them and add a little personality and fun to that sometimes not so fun task.  We The Sciencey is a shop where science meets art, fun and fiction.  As you can imagine it has all sorts of great gift ideas for science fiction lovers from Trekkies to Dr. Who fans. 
The crayon set was named by the crayon contest winners and include super fun names like "Wookie Brown" and "Dragonfire Red".  10% of the profits from the sale of these crayon sets will go to fund enriching, fun, and educational programs for children with Aspergers Syndrome.  How great!  "Beam" (sorry, I had to do it) over to the shop is see all the great gear that We The Sciencey offers.




Hand-Tied Bouquet

It's summer - my husband and daughter are out of school and I'm kind of in school for the summer and that's the reason you've seen less of me here at the blog.  I started off at the end of May taking The Style Lab course by the lovely ladies at Confetti Pop and learned a thing or two about photo styling.  If you have a blog, business or simply want to know a little more about photo styling, I highly recommend taking the course.   

At the moment, I'm taking Floral Arranging 101 with the talented Chelsea from Frolic.  I just finished my first week and made a first hand-tied bouquet!  That's it up there!  It's a start and I can only go up from here.  I've been tapping into my creative, girly side all while playing with flowers - I couldn't be happier.  

I love that in life you are constantly absorbing new knowledge and skills.  You can take control and make the decision to take the time and put in the work to learn something new.  Part of learning process is making mistakes, which for me is difficult to accept.  I love learning each lesson and attempting to do the homework assignments, but the critique - that's rough.  I'm only human, right?  I'm taking it much better now though then I did in my younger years. 

So that's what I've been up to.  I've been jumping into new things, improving myself and embracing change. I'll keep you posted on my progress.  How about you?  Are any of you taking any classes out there?  Are any of you interested in trying something new?


Graduation Gifts for Her

Graduation season is in full swing and it's time to congratulate these students for their hard work and help and encourage them to move onto the next stage of their lives.  This selection of grad gifts are put together especially for the gals who are headed away to college.  White towels are definitely a necessity.  When she's done with the towels, she can toss them into a personal laundry bag and head for the washer and dryer.  This book titled "She" is filled with great little inspirational quotes.  We all need some inspiration once and a while, especially during those stressful college years.  These super fab pencils are also gentle reminders to a student to be all that you can be while taking notes during class or working on homework in the library.  

basik 855

Throughout my life I've been asked the question, "Where are you from?", and usually I say, "I'm from x, a suburb north of Detroit."  Sometimes when I give that answer I get a weird look and then I see that that person meant, "Where are you from?"  Like, "What's your background?"  I'm Cambodian, I was born in Thailand and my parents and I were fortunate enough to come here to the United States when I was a toddler. 

That's my story and now you'll understand why I chose to feature basik 855 today.  The company offers fashion and home products in bold, modern patterns that are handwoven by artisians in Cambodia.  Daniel Flickinger started the Push Pull Cambodia Weaving Center in Takeo Province, Cambodia in 2009 which creates the designs and products for basik 855.  The goal of the Push Pull Cambodia Weaving Center and basik 855 is to stimulate a renaissance of Cambodian ikat so that the people of Takeo can make a better living—one rooted in their own customs.  Read more about the company and their story here.  Pretty fabulous, right?  Check out their site, buy and support. 
4. Lumbar Pillow - Basket 5.Lumbar Pillow - Mint Triangle

Paper Flowers, Oranges + Moss Centerpiece

I've been inspired by citrus for some summer projects lately.  Orange, lemon and lime are perfect summer colors and flavors if you ask me and I've been noticing it around quite a bit.  Here is my idea for an orange infused centerpiece with pops of pink paper flowers on a carpet of moss.  I think it's super fun and colorful for a summer party.  What do you think?


Blog Birthday


Cupcakes & Confetti is one year old today!!!  I can't believe it.  This year has been incredible.  Incredible I tell you!  I was terrified at the idea of having a blog.  I know that that may sound weird but, I was afraid to share pieces of myself.  I was afraid people would laugh at me.  I was afraid to fail.  I've come a long way since my shaky first post.  (Please don't look back at it.)  A year ago I never knew I could create a mood board.  I didn't know I would connect with some amazingly talented people.  I didn't know I could overcome my fear to create and share.  For me Cupcakes & Confetti has brought out a creative side of me that I never knew existed.  Through blogging, I've gained some new skills, a new view of myself and the possibilities out there. 

I would like to thank anyone who has read my posts or supported me by way of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or any other way. You're the best!!! You have energized my spirit and given a skip to my step.  I'm thankful that you have taken time out of your busy life and decided to take a sneak peek into mine.  Like I said, it took me a lot of courage to get to this point of sharing my thoughts and ideas. 

I have some goals I would like to accomplish over the next year and I hope to meet those goals head on. I would like to strengthen my current skills and learn some new ones.  I would like to gain more readers and more "likes" on my Facebook page.  I really need some likes on my FB page so if you haven't already, please head on over and hit "like".  Pretty please.  I know I shouldn't base success on numbers, but unfortunately I do and others do too.  I know that with blogging, just like everything else, I need to "keep at it" and that's what I plan on doing.  I'm going to keep at it.  I also have some other secret goals for myself.  I hope to make those goals, those dreams a reality and I hope to share them with you.  I learned so much over this past year and I can't wait to see what the year ahead has in store for me.  Again, I thank you for sharing and supporting this journey with me and I hope you continue to enjoy the ride with me.  You're all fabulous and I hope you have a fabulous weekend. xx


Falling For OMG Stencils

Wall Stencil Casablanca Moroccan Allower Pattern Wall Room Decor Made by OMG Stencils Home Improvements Color Paintings 0027

I know that Thursday here at Cupcakes & Confetti is usually reserved for the It's Her Business series, but today I'm taking of a bit a turn.  Today's business is owned by a man.  Gasp!  I know!  I stumbled across Jimmy Black's shop OMG Stencils and totally fell for the images.  I would love to do this to a space in my home.  Take a peak.  I bet you'll be falling for Jimmy Black too and OMG Stencils

Wall Stencil  Geometric Pattern Wall Room Decor Made by OMG Stencils Home Improvements Color Paintings 0007
 Wall Stencil  Damask Pattern Wall Room Decor Made by OMG Stencils Home Improvements Color Paintings 0025
Wall Stencil  Geometric  Square Pattern Wall Room Decor Made by OMG Stencils Home Improvements Color Paintings 0010

Picnic Inspiration

 I had every intention to post this picnic inspiration board on the Friday before Memorial Day, but just before I was about to sit down to finish it, the power went out for a few hours.  I'm not complaining, just explaining.  Then I thought I can still publish this post because picnics are an all spring and summer thing right? 
I found this lady like fabric that inspired me to think about a lady's picnic filled with floral details.  Put down a special blanket.  This one that I found is obviously made for a couple, but you get the idea.  By the way, that blanket would make a great wedding gift.  Don't you think?  I'm in love with this vintage tea set and basket.  Sip something cool from these little printed straws.  And don't forget to dress yourself up too.  I found these gingham printed earrings.  

Cloth 2 U
PBxH//Maggie Mae Vintage
Terrain//Lennon's Lovelies

Gift Wrapping Idea

I was wrapping a gift for a birthday party that my daughter was attending this weekend, but wasn't sure about what I would do to finish it off.  I was looking at the pattern of the gift wrapping paper that I bought from Target, which as you can see is watercolor like petals.  I decided to deconstruct the wrapping paper and then reconstruct it into a flower from the petals from the wrapping paper. 


I started by cutting out some individual petals and I cut a strip of paper that I could use as a stem.  I then placed some double stick tape of the backs of the petals and then assembled them until it looked like a flower.  Simple, right?

I think it's kinda cute. What do you think?

Sent Well

Are you one of those people who is rushing out at the last minute to buy a birthday card because you forgot or are simply short on time?  The company Sent Well is the perfect solution for you.  You simply choose from their selection of wonderful cards and they will write a note in for you and send it off.  How easy is that?!  You can even queue up all your cards with their card list so that you won't be behind again.  Check out Sent Well and send out some love.


First Communion Party

If you've been following along, I've been posting here and there about my daughter's first communion.  If you missed it, you can read about it here and here.  The day finally arrived at the end of April and today I'm sharing how the party turned out.  I wanted the style to be sweet and feminine, so I decided on a palette of pale pink and gray.  When my daughter chose a dress that had some lace in it, I also added some touches of lace to the decor.  


The trellis pattern was scattered throughout, starting with the invitations I designed.  I also made napkin rings with the same trellis pattern. 

This light fixture hangs above my kitchen table.  I like to add special touches to unexpected places.  I also like placing decor up high so that your eye moves up, like the greens I added above the dessert table or the flowering branches I hung on some pendant lights. 


The cake and macarons were made by the wonderful Heather of Gracie Moonpie & Co.  I really admire Heather's attention to detail.  She didn't just make the cake, she asked me the right questions to ensure that the cake fit well with the overall style of the party.  As you can see, the gray cross and trellis pattern also found its' way onto the design of the cake.  If you live in Southeast Michigan and need something sweet made check out Gracie Moonpie & Co.  Their cakes taste as good as they look and Heather is an absolute joy to work with.   

My mother-in-law made cross shapped cookies and my mother made various mini desserts including coconut cheesecakes topped with mango.  It's so nice to have family who are willing to lend a hand.