If you follow me on Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook, you may have noticed that I've been working on a little something with the wonderful Heather over at HMN Photography and the sweet Alora of Alora Rachelle Photography.  We've been busy pinning, scouting and prepping for a vintage inspired bridal shoot.  Over the weekend we finally got together and got it done.  It was a perfectly beautiful day and it was just as I had envisioned it to be!  August is usually hot and muggy here in Michigan so, I was hopping not to melt during this outdoor shoot. The weather ended up being mild with no rain.  Hooray!

I have to admit that I was a bit nervous, but super excited about this project.  This is the first time I've had a opportunity to collaborate on a shoot like this.  I was hopping that all of us had the same vision and that we would work well together creatively and otherwise.  I was hopping that I could deliver what was expected of me.  I wanted all the details to come together naturally, organically and without force.  And thankfully, it did.  I was relaxed, comfortable and at ease with these ladies and our beautiful model Katie too.  

The reason why I read other people's blogs and the reason I blog is because I seek inspiration and I seek people who share the same interests that I do.  I have loved this process of collaborating because it allowed me to be in touch with people who find beauty and importance in the same things I do.  Honestly, I don't take the best pictures and I know that.  I needed Heather and Alora to work with.  They are amazing photographers who see images through their lenses in a different way than I ever could.  I think we're a great team and I'm hopping to work together again in the future.

That bad picture up there is one that I took at home.  That pretty dahlia made it's way into the photo shoot.  Stay tuned to see what I did with the dahlia and to see the results of the shoot! 



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