First Communion Banner

I was busy preparing for my daughter's first communion last week and I wanted to share this little project with you that my family made together for her special day.  My daughter was given the option to create a first communion banner which would hang on her chair during mass.  I suggested to my husband that he oversee this project, because he is Catholic and I am not.  I didn't want to put together anything that wasn't appropriate for the occasion.  If you know me, I still had to put in my two cents about the design and it ended up being a family project that we all became involved in.  I have to tell you that my husband actually assembled most of it.  My husband, who is a big burly man, is quite crafty.  While we were dating, he once gave me a bouquet of paper flowers he made himself.  Yep, I married a good one.  Anyway, back to the project.  

Here's how it went down.  We were given the directions to make the banner out of felt and perhaps write out our child's name and first communion date on it in puffy paint.  I knew that this would probably end up looking a bit messy so, I typed up my daughter's name and the date in a nice font and printed it onto transfer paper that I then ironed onto a white piece of felt.  My husband cut a chalice out of yellow felt and I suggested that he highlight some areas with some darker shades of yellow too.  Grapes leaves and grapes in two different shades of green and purple were then cut out.  We knew that we wanted shafts of wheat on the banner, but my husband wasn't sure how he could make felt look like wheat, so I suggested using an actual piece of wheat bought from the craft store.  The host was also cut out of a wheat colored piece of felt.  I had some left over gold glittery scrap book paper that my husband used to make the cross.  There you have it - my daughter's first communion banner!  What do you think?  Does your family craft together too?


Buy a Cup for a Cop

Buy a Cup for a Cop Graphic from Somewhere Splendid.
I, like so many other Americans was following last week's events in Boston and Texas.  I watched, read and listened about the brave first responders who as always, comes to the rescue of all of us.  Maddy over at Somewhere Splendid was also moved by last week's events and has started a fantastic movement to show a bit of gratitude to first responders by simply buying them a cup of coffee and she has put a call out to her readers and bloggers to spread the word about the movement.  I absolutely, positively love this, so here I am doing my part.  I personally have some first responders in my life and I know that it is sometimes a thankless job that involves lots of hours and lots of sacrifice for not only police officer, firefighter or emergency technician, but also for their loved ones.  Everyday they put their lives on the line for you and I and the least we can do is what Maddy is suggesting - buy a first responder a cup of coffee.    

Here's how you can join the movement:

What to Do: Buy a cup of coffee for a local firefighter, police officer, or other first responder when you come across one. Approach them and explain that you’d like to buy them one out of appreciation for their service, and ask what they’d like or have them escort you to a coffee shop. On the run, or shy? Get a gift card with the approximate value of a cup of coffee (or more!) to a local or chain coffee shop and keep it on hand.

Spread the Word: Let everyone know you’re participating so we can engage more people. If you have a blog, post a note about it. If you’ve bought a cup of coffee for someone, Instagram it with the hashtag #cupsforcops – share your gift card photos, too!

Be sure to hop on over to Somewhere Splendid for a free printable gift card to give to a first responder too.  Thanks Maddy for coming up with the brilliant idea!  Tell me, will you be buying a cup for a cop?  Hugs to all of you friends!  I'll be seeing you again soon. 

It's Her Business: Confettie Love

Paris France art print - 8x10 - Eiffel Tower Paris city poster illustration wall decor
Hi friends!  Today I'm showing some city love with Confettie Love.  All of us have a special place in our hearts for a city, whether it's our hometown, a place we once vacationed or a place that we dream of visiting someday.  Bridgette Hall's shop Confettie Love brings you that little slice of your dreams with her collection of quirky and fun illustrations of cities from around the U.S. and abroad.  She is inspired by her own travels and her work is super happy and super sweet as you can see.  Bridgette's prints would make a great gift for a special someone who has a specific destination that is close to their heart and her prints are affordable enough that you can buy one for yourself too.
Minneapolis - 11x14 print - city illustration poster wall decor children nursery art  
 Boston art print illustration - 11x14 - city skyline poster MA

Bridgette is also a graphic designer and owner of Bridgette Hall Designs. You have to go check out her design work too. She has created some pretty amazing things and I'm sure that if you're looking for a designer, she could come up with something amazing for you too.
Washington DC art print illustration - 11x14 print - white house art wall decor

{Sweet of the Week} Lady Fingers Cake

This Sweet of the Week was discovered on Save the Date Magazine's blog.  The lady fingers covered cake was made by Yummy Little Cakes for a styled winter shoot, which is why the roses on top of the cake look like they've been touched by frost.  It's genius, don't you think?  I also adore the lace ribbon wrapped around each layer.  I'm having a thing for lace lately.  You know it's that girly thing in me.  What you do think?  Are you loving this not so typical cake?

Party Decor: Maps

In honor of Earth Day this month and because I like the idea of taking a common item and finding a new purpose for it, I'm sharing with you some new uses for a map.  Maps already have a natural and familiar pattern with its' multiple lines, shapes and colors.  You can easily incorporate a map into an event that celebrates a well traveled couple or a person.  I love all the ideas above and I would love to use all of them someday.  You could also make a map into a place mat or even a napkin ring.  What would you do with a map?    

La Mia Casa//Style Me Pretty
HWTM//Brooklyn Bride

It's Her Business: Ceramica Botanica

Ceramic serving tray Indigo triangles- ready to ship
I'm always on the hunt for unique pieces I can use when entertaining.  I stumbled upon Susan Rodriguez's shop Ceramica Botanica and loved all the unique patterns and colors she creates on her wares.
Appetizer plate salmon -----As seen in  "Good Housekeeping", August 2012  made to order
I love the raindrop shape of these appetizer plates.
Tumeric Gold Vase-made to order

Susan hand builds her work from earthenware clay and uses intricate paper stencils that are hand cut and meticulously placed on each piece. Layers of colored slip are applied and then the stencil is peeled away to create her fabulous bowls, mugs, vases and more. 
Ceramic Serving bowl Coral, Pink and Tumeric
If you too want to add a splash of color and fun to your table, be check out all of Susan's work at her shop

In Bloom: Spring Flowers

Spring is coming and going here in Michigan.  One moment I go can out with a light spring coat and the next minute I have to haul out my winter jacket again.  I'm dreaming of spring with days full of sunshine, bike rides, and flowers.  To fulfill my need for flowers I'm starting a series called In Bloom.  We all know how flowers can add life to a party and everyday, so as I come across pretty little blooms from across the web I'll share them with you.  I'm trying to be a little adventurous and put together some of my own floral arrangements.  If they're not too embarrassing, I might share them here on the blog too.    

Here's an adorable idea from Midwest Living.  Chalk board paint on some white ceramic vessels were used to spell out "spring" and a variety of different flowers are placed in each vessel like tulips and forsythia.  Tulips are among my favorite flowers and I have some orange tulips sitting on my kitchen table right now.  Bright yellow forsythia bushes remind me of my childhood and my parents' house.  My parents had the bold buds growing both in their front and backyards as I was growing up.  Do you have a favorite spring time flower?  Which type and why? 


{Party Decor} Mixed Chairs

At the moment, I'm loving mixed seating for parties.  I love the unstructured, comfortable feel and look.  It's not too matchy-matchy.  It's just plain fun.  What do you think?  Do you love the look?  Or do you prefer a little more structure? 

 California Wedding Day//My Sweet & Saucy
 Green Wedding Shoes //Style Unveiled