Buy a Cup for a Cop

Buy a Cup for a Cop Graphic from Somewhere Splendid.
I, like so many other Americans was following last week's events in Boston and Texas.  I watched, read and listened about the brave first responders who as always, comes to the rescue of all of us.  Maddy over at Somewhere Splendid was also moved by last week's events and has started a fantastic movement to show a bit of gratitude to first responders by simply buying them a cup of coffee and she has put a call out to her readers and bloggers to spread the word about the movement.  I absolutely, positively love this, so here I am doing my part.  I personally have some first responders in my life and I know that it is sometimes a thankless job that involves lots of hours and lots of sacrifice for not only police officer, firefighter or emergency technician, but also for their loved ones.  Everyday they put their lives on the line for you and I and the least we can do is what Maddy is suggesting - buy a first responder a cup of coffee.    

Here's how you can join the movement:

What to Do: Buy a cup of coffee for a local firefighter, police officer, or other first responder when you come across one. Approach them and explain that you’d like to buy them one out of appreciation for their service, and ask what they’d like or have them escort you to a coffee shop. On the run, or shy? Get a gift card with the approximate value of a cup of coffee (or more!) to a local or chain coffee shop and keep it on hand.

Spread the Word: Let everyone know you’re participating so we can engage more people. If you have a blog, post a note about it. If you’ve bought a cup of coffee for someone, Instagram it with the hashtag #cupsforcops – share your gift card photos, too!

Be sure to hop on over to Somewhere Splendid for a free printable gift card to give to a first responder too.  Thanks Maddy for coming up with the brilliant idea!  Tell me, will you be buying a cup for a cop?  Hugs to all of you friends!  I'll be seeing you again soon. 


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