A Peach Filled Weekend

This weekend is Labor Day weekend here in the states.  It's summer's last hooray for many of us.  It's one last camping trip or barbecue before the crisp cool air of autumn touches us and the school year begins. For me, I'll be celebrating my weekend at the Peach Festival.  I grew up in a little town, where my parents still live and like many small American towns, there's an annual festival filled with carnival rides and parades.  My family spends the weekend at my parents' house and we take my daughters to the daily activities in town and we all have our fill of peach everything.  I'm planning on buying some fresh peaches from one of the many local orchards to make a peach blueberry cobbler for dessert.  So, that's how I'll be spending my weekend.  How will you be spending yours?   


Hydrangea Garland

Have you noticed that I've been posting more on flowers lately?  I've been reading a lot on floral arranging and practicing techniques along the way.  This blog has now become a flower journal for me too and I hope you don't mind.  One of the books I'm currently reading is by Jane Packer, and this is my version of a hydrangea garland she created.  She displayed it as a dramatic centerpiece like I did here.  Along with the main ingredient and hosta leaves from my sister-in-law's garden, I also included golden rod foraged from a field.  Some of the hydrangea blooms are past their prime, but since I was just experimenting, I wasn't worried about how perfect the flowers were.  Although, I do like the way the flowers blossom into a bright pink and then turn into a lovely shade of green and blush.   

Wedding Swings

I'm currently obsessed with the thought of using a decorated swing for an outdoor wedding.  It's the mix of youth, innocence and whimsy when I see these swings that just gets to me.  Would you use a swing in your wedding?  If anything, it's a romantic photo op for you and your sweetie.     

French Style Weddings //Blue Fox Willow
The Frosted Petticoat // Elizabeth Anne Designs //Green Wedding Shoes

White Dahlia Arrangement

Happy Monday morning friends!  I had some leftover blooms from the shoot I recently styled, so I played around to create this sweet little arrangement.  It's comprised of dahlias, queen anne's lace, hydrangea, hosta and morning glory.  Can you tell that I'm falling for floral design?  Here's to a productive and wonderful week!

Dream Cruise Weekend

I live in Metro Detroit and if you haven't heard, cars are kind of a big deal  around these parts.  This weekend is the Woodward Dream Cruise.  It's an event where owners of classic cars drive down a popular stretch of road while car enthusiasts sit and watch the cars go by.  Over the years the event has morphed into a week long celebration that includes all types of cars, classic and new.  This is my ode to the almighty automobile that moves this region.  

 A Goth Shop // Vinyl Art by Allison
In or Out Media //Alice's Studio
Rock My Wedding //Rock My World, Inc.


If you follow me on Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook, you may have noticed that I've been working on a little something with the wonderful Heather over at HMN Photography and the sweet Alora of Alora Rachelle Photography.  We've been busy pinning, scouting and prepping for a vintage inspired bridal shoot.  Over the weekend we finally got together and got it done.  It was a perfectly beautiful day and it was just as I had envisioned it to be!  August is usually hot and muggy here in Michigan so, I was hopping not to melt during this outdoor shoot. The weather ended up being mild with no rain.  Hooray!

I have to admit that I was a bit nervous, but super excited about this project.  This is the first time I've had a opportunity to collaborate on a shoot like this.  I was hopping that all of us had the same vision and that we would work well together creatively and otherwise.  I was hopping that I could deliver what was expected of me.  I wanted all the details to come together naturally, organically and without force.  And thankfully, it did.  I was relaxed, comfortable and at ease with these ladies and our beautiful model Katie too.  

The reason why I read other people's blogs and the reason I blog is because I seek inspiration and I seek people who share the same interests that I do.  I have loved this process of collaborating because it allowed me to be in touch with people who find beauty and importance in the same things I do.  Honestly, I don't take the best pictures and I know that.  I needed Heather and Alora to work with.  They are amazing photographers who see images through their lenses in a different way than I ever could.  I think we're a great team and I'm hopping to work together again in the future.

That bad picture up there is one that I took at home.  That pretty dahlia made it's way into the photo shoot.  Stay tuned to see what I did with the dahlia and to see the results of the shoot! 


Queen Anne's Lace Inspiration

I live in an area where there farms and open land nearby.  Right now those open fields are dancing with Queen Anne's Lace blooms.  I know many people drive by and overlook what to them may seem just like weeds, but to me they are a lovely delicate and dreamy flower that deserves to be highlighted.

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