Farm Fresh Floral Arrangement Part I

Hey Friends!  Over Labor Day weekend I went to a local farmers' market and picked up some fabulous fresh flowers grown by the amazing Reinhardt Blooms and I also had the pleasure of meeting their floral designer, Katie.  Reinhardt Blooms is a 30 plus acre flower farm here in Michigan that has been run by five generations. Pretty amazing, right? They grow and sell flowers and also offer floral design services for weddings and events.  You must check out their site and blog to see pics.  It's absolutely dreamy.  Katie uses ingredients from their farm for her gorgeous and dramatic, garden style designs.  It's a style I'm trying to master.  I love garden style floral arrangements and the way it allows the natural beauty and shape of blooms to show through the design. 

I purchased scabiosa pods, celosia and cosmos to create two different floral arrangements.  I'm sharing this one with you today.  Stay tuned for the second one next week.  It's not as spectacular as Katie's designs, but I hope with some hard work and practice, that I'll get there.  I used three ingredients all grown at local farms in this arrangement.  The cosmos and scabiosa pods are from Reinhardt Blooms and the beautiful peach colored dahlias are from farm owned by a family friend.  I love the sunny, happy feeling of the arrangement and I hope you do too.  Have a wonderful week friends!  




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