Farm Fresh Floral Arrangement Part II

Hey everyone!  So here's the second part of my farm fresh floral arrangement post.  As I mentioned earlier, I purchased some celosia along with some other beauties from Reinhardt Blooms at a local farmer's market.  Today, I'm showing you what I created with the celosia.  This flower is so amazing for fall arrangements.  I love it's shape and softness.  I also adore the purplish hue of the leaves, so I left the leaves on to allow them to show through.  Along with the celosia I added some dahlias from my sister-in-law's garden and some Japanese maple branches and sedum from my own garden.    



  1. Such a talent you have here! Love the arrangement - and your blog is so awesome!


  2. Aww...thank you Marta for your kind words.