We The Sciencey

I am forever on the hunt for Star Wars related gifts for my Star Wars fanatic husband.  I found this "May the force be with you" stamp from We The Sciencey.  I thought he could use it to stamp his students papers when he corrects them and add a little personality and fun to that sometimes not so fun task.  We The Sciencey is a shop where science meets art, fun and fiction.  As you can imagine it has all sorts of great gift ideas for science fiction lovers from Trekkies to Dr. Who fans. 
The crayon set was named by the Asperkids.com crayon contest winners and include super fun names like "Wookie Brown" and "Dragonfire Red".  10% of the profits from the sale of these crayon sets will go to fund enriching, fun, and educational programs for children with Aspergers Syndrome.  How great!  "Beam" (sorry, I had to do it) over to the shop is see all the great gear that We The Sciencey offers.





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