Floral Crown

I'm super excited to be sharing this post with all of you today!  I obsessed with floral crowns, not only for flower girls, but also for any lady who wants to feel pretty.  I learned how to make floral crowns in the floral design course I'm taking with Chelsea.  This one that I'm wearing is made of wax flower, golden rod and baby's breath.  I'm hooked even more than I was before on floral crowns and floral design in general.  My sister mentioned something about making a smaller version of the crown and wearing it like a bracelet.  Wouldn't a floral bracelet be perfect accessory on a bride for her bridal shower?  Flowers just make everything a little more special from floral arrangements for celebrations to making a person feel special.  I think flowers are pretty stinking fabulous and I can't wait to make another floral crown. 


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