It's Her Business: Detroit Metal Works

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Today as part of the It's Her Business series, I'm really happy to introduce to you Kirstie.  Kirstie's business is Detroit Metal Works.  She and I have a mutual friend and when I was introduced to Kirstie's creations I just loved seeing a woman working with metal, which I typically think as a masculine type of material.  Some of her work includes this super cool "eye chart" that I'm obsessed with along with many other designs.  That's enough from me, let me have Kirstie tell you a little about herself and Detroit Metal Works in her own words.       

What motivated you to start your business?
 My husband, Dan, has been in the steel business (welder/fabricator) for over 20 years. We've been married for 24 years and have 3 boys (23, 11, & 9). With our younger sons reaching 4th and 6th grades I wasn't helping out in their classrooms as much so I began going to Dan's shop every day to help him. I began doing more and more on the CNC machine and I found that I really liked it! So this business just kind of happened! I love being in the shop, and I love working along side Dan. Two of our three sons weld so this business is a way for me to be in their world and to use my own creative style at the same time.
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Where do I find inspiration?
Artistically I'm inspired by other artists and their work. There are a few women who are metal artists that I've started to follow. Their work is so beautiful that it really inspires me to take mine farther. I tend to like things that are different and I'm working towards so many projects that will showcase my style and capabilities. I'm also inspired by my customers; I love when they add their own creativity to a piece.

How has the process of starting your own business been for you so far?
The process of starting a business has been really exciting, however there have definitely been times where I've had to turn to friends and family for help with different business related issues! I'm very fortunate to have such a great support system.

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If I ever have a mountain retreat I would like to have this amazing mountain and deer address sign.  Are you interested in seeing more of Kirstie's work or having her create something one of a kind for you?  Connect with her and Detroit Metal Works on Facebook and Pinterest.



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