Bachelorette Gift Ideas

Dara has been invited to several bachelorette parties this summer.  Instead of giving the typical gift of lingerie and such, why not give something personal that sparks romance for a special couple.  Here are a few ideas we came up with.  Bachelorette gift giving that is nice, not naughty.

1. Breakfast in Bed
    Breakfast in bed is romantic, cozy and intimate.  Include a lovely tray with
    fabulous jam and real maple syrup.
2. A Set of Monogrammed Bath Robes
    Sweet, cute and fun.  Wrap it up with simple blue or white wrapping paper
    and put a couple rubber duckies on top for fun instead of ribbon.
3. A Picnic for Two
    Make the basket the gift wrapping.  Tie the handle with a beautiful satin
    ribbon or a rustic burlap ribbon.  There are several baskets out there that
    already include all of the essentials for a perfect picnic included plastic plates,
    flatware and blanket, but you could also get creative and create your own
    set that perfectly suites the couple.  You could also include a lovely
    handwritten list of some of your favorite picnic spots. 
4. Anything With The Bride's New Name or Couple's Initials
    I remember first getting married and how excited I would get to see my new
    name written on anything.  Even my new driver's license made me happy. 
    The possibilities are endless from stationery, jewelry, pillows and more.
5. Honeymoon Kit
    Put together a little beach bag filled with decorative passport covers or
    luggage tags, sunscreen, beach towels, travel book or journal. 


  1. These are such cute ideas. I love the idea of the monogrammed robes too. It's such a luxurious thing to have for the morning and something you wouldn't usually think of buying for yourself.

    Stay in the Lines

  2. I would like to appreciate your ideas about gifts and love to use them. Can you suggest some more ideas?

  3. Hello Shahbaz!

    Thank you for your question. If you know the bachelorette and husband to be well, we would suggest something personal that is special to them both, perhaps a memory book with photos of them during the courtship, or an item from where they met or got engaged. A cooking class or even a museum or zoo membership. Those would be great gifts for couples who love to cook, enjoy art, history or have a love of animals. Happy gifting!

  4. Again thanks you really help me out.

  5. It was our pleasure Shahbaz. Thanks for stopping by our blog.