What to Wear to a Bridal or Baby Shower

As we mentioned earlier, we are currently surrounded by people who either are a) getting married or b) having a baby.  We are so happy to be sharing these moments with so many people in our lives, that we decided to write a few posts about these subjects.  Here are a couple cute ideas for what to wear to a bridal or baby shower. 
Why Naree Likes This
I love color especially during the summer months and this dress certainly has that punch of color I am looking for.  The color of the dress is called Tuscan Summer, need I say more?  The nude shoes don't overpower the dress and allow the dress to be the showcase.  I love the green accents on the lovely floral clutch.  Classic, bright, girly, me.

1. Fusion Drape Belted Dress in Tuscan Summer
    French Connection
2. Orange Flower Bag
    Julia Cherry Designs
3. Avia by Arturo Chiang

Why Dara Likes This
I like that since it already has the gold dots to it you don't need to accessorize so much. I'm a minimalist when it comes to accessories.  The staples that I have to wear are my earrings and occasionally a necklace. This can easily be played down by wearing sandals or played up with wedges or heels to add height, if you're short like I am. The dress comes in white or black. I tend to try to avoid wearing a head to toe white outfit at wedding showers as a precaution in case the bride decides to wear all white. This ring is simple and understated also unique since it doesn’t go down the entire finger.

1. Golden Dot Maxi Dress with Belt
     Queen's Wardrobe
2.  Plain Jane Mid Knuckle Ring
3.  Gold + Black Shoe


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