Wedding Anniversary Weekend

Eleven years ago today I woke up to pouring rain, ate breakfast and anxiously waited to slip into my wedding dress.  I chose fall to get married because I dreamed of having outdoor photos with the beautiful backdrop of fall leaves behind me.  Sadly that day the rain never stopped, but it didn't ruin the day because no matter what I would marry the love of my life.  Pouring rain or not. 

After the wedding my husband and I went on our honeymoon, as most newly married couples too.  My husband is a teacher and couldn't take that much time off.  We made the decision to stay in Michigan and head to one of my most favorite places - Traverse City.  One of the things that I love about Michigan is how dramatically beautiful it becomes in the fall.  As we made the four hour drive to Traverse City the colors along the road grew bolder and more amazing and as we reached our destination seeing the bay and the lake made it more magical.  If you are ever in Michigan, I encourage you to visit Traverse City and the surrounding areas.  There are wineries galore and many fabulous restaurants to make any foodie happy. The picture below was taken last year during our 10th wedding anniversary, when we went back to Traverse City.  It is of Black Star Farms, a local vineyard and farm.  I love how the netting over the vines appears ghostly and of course the autumn foliage in the background. 



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