Gift Ideas for New Parents

When a baby is born, usually the first thought is to get a gift for the baby.  The gift is usually an adorable outfit or a hat and booties,  but don't forget about celebrating the new parents too.  Shouldn't they receive a gift for what they have accomplished and for what they are about to embark on?  It's unexpected and we're sure the parents will appreciate it.  Here are some gift ideas for new parents that we came up with.

newborn baby boy photography Brienne Michelle

1. Meals
    When you are a new parent, you barely can find the time to grab a snack, let
    alone prepare a nice meal.  Whether you make a meal for the new parents or
    buy one for them.  We know that filling their tummies will fill their hearts
2. Parenting Books + Journals
    We think books are great gifts for any occasion.  A book on children's health
    is a great option, because parents always have questions about that.  We
    also love this modern trio of baby journals (pictured below) from Big &
    Mighty.  There is so much to keep track of when having a baby including
    feeding schedules and well visits to the pediatrician.  You also want to
    document those precious moments of the first smile and steps too and that's
    why journals make a wonderful gift.     
3. Photo Session
    Find an amazing local photographer and purchase a gift certificate for a
    photo session.  The photo session could be used for a family photo shoot or
    just for the new baby. Whatever they choose, we are sure this gift will be
    something that is treasured for years to come.
4. Sleep
    Every new parent will tell you that sleep is a much valued commodity.  Offer
    to come over for an hour or two to watch the new baby so that the new Mom
    and Dad can simply take a nap. Trust me as a Mom of two this is a much
    needed and desired gift.
5. Spa Day
    Many Moms find it difficult to carve out a little time to focus on themselves. 
    Giving a gift certificate to a local spa will allow Mommy to take a some time
    to pamper herself with a massage, mani, pedi or whatever she chooses.

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