Meet Up With Old Friends

I am truly excited for this weekend.  I am meeting up with some old friends that I can't wait to catch up with.  When I graduated from college I was fortunate enough to get a job at an art center where I was surrounded by what I love, art.  There was a constant flow of rotating exhibits that painted the gallery walls with color and life.  Artists, instructors and students filled the building with their creativity and their talent.  While I was working there, there was a group of young women who were all around my age.  We were all in the same stage of life, freshly out of college and single.  We had a blast together while we were there, but we eventually moved onto other jobs.  We grew together from single women to married wives and have now taken on the rolls mothers.  Life gets busy and I haven't been able to keep in touch with them as much as I would like to, in fact it has been years since I have seen them.  I am thrilled to set aside some time this weekend to reconnect with these amazing women that hold a special place in my heart. 



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