Wizard of Oz Birthday Party

My oldest daughter Ellie wanted a Wizard of Oz themed party this year for her 7th birthday.  I think that sometimes you can go a little overboard with the Wizard of Oz theme because there are so many design elements that you could incorporate.  I wanted a simplified version of the Wizard of Oz, so I stuck with a palette of red, blue and yellow.  Here's how it turned out.

I happened to have a painting of poppies that my father-in-law painted, and I thought the art work would give that little touch of the field of poppies from the film.  I included on the dessert table a yellow runner, that Dara and I made to remind guests of the yellow brick road.  The mini hay bales of course are an ode to Dorothy's farm in Kansas.  Dara and I made ruby red slipper cookies and simple round cookies in the colors of Dorothy's dress.

We made another runner in some material that looked liked Dorothy's dress, then we added simple red ribbons to each end.  My daughter Ellie had a little Toto look alike in her toy collection and Dara found the perfect sized basket to put him in.
I asked my talented friend Bridgette to make a simple round white cake with just the yellow brick road running across it.  When I went to pick up the cake, much to my surprise she made this amazing confection.  She added to the top of the cake the Emerald City and the yellow brick road wrapped around the entire cake.  She completed that cake with the iconic images of the characters including; the Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion and of course dear Dorothy, who are all fast asleep in a field of poppies.  Bridgette also add elements of the Wicked Witch of the West including her hat, broom and the feet of the Wicked Witch of the East.  How could anyone not love this cake?    


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