Hey there friends!  After a long break, I'm back refreshed and inspired and I hope you feel the same.  I'm starting off with calendars.  I heart calendars, because calendars are a symbol of time and for me - organization.  I can plot out events and schedules from play dates to the weeks' menu. Although I use a digital calendar, I still use a paper calendar too.  I like to write things down I guess and I like searching for a fun calendar.  Here's some great ones I found.  Get some international inspiration with Houses of the World Infographics are everywhere right now and calendars have not escaped the trend.  If you need a little bit of comic relief this Noosed Kitty calendar will keep you smiling.  I'm really into this artful calendar.  Is the Unravel Knitted Calendar from Anthropologie cool or what?  A bit pricey yes, but I would love to see how the year "unravels".  As we ring in the New Year, I wish you all the very best. 



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