Hello December!

Well hello there December!  This is what I'm looking forward to this December: snow, birthdays, Christmas, smiles and magic.  We had very, very little snow last winter here in Michigan.  It was really weird, it didn't seem like winter at all.  To tell you the truth, I would much rather have warm weather than cold, but the snow and the cold make me appreciate the warm weather when it does come.  Snow is good when I don't need to leave the comfort of my home and I can just stay in and turn on the fireplace. 

Our family has two birthdays in December, my husband and my sister-in-law.  That allows for two birthday celebrations two weekends in a row.  Double cake and double fun!  Of course, I can't mention December without saying a little something about Christmas.  Christmas to me means so much more since I've had my children.  Children + Christmas = magic.  There is nothing better than to see the smiles on my girls' faces on Christmas morning in the glow of the lights on the tree.  What do you love about December?



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