5 Digital Magazines You Should Be Reading

We adore digital magazines.  They take up no storage space and have so much inspiration in them on every page.  Have you taken a peek at any lately?  There are some great ones out there.  Here are some of our faves.  We have included five different magazines, all with unique voices and focusing on different topics.  Are you looking for some more digital magazine goodness?  Hop on over to  Issu.  It's a great way to subscribe to your favorites, discover new ones and organize it all.  Leave us a comment and let us know what your favorite digital mags are.  Happy reading!

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Celebrating everyday life with Jennifer Carrol is one of our faves because it's all about parties.  We don't know if you heard but, parties are kind of our thing.  Find parties that are styled down to every last detail and other fabulous ideas for your next celebration.    

Find fabulous recipes and stylish ways to entertain your friends and family in Sweet Paul Magazine.  The summer issue includes some special picnic ideas and recipes for the ever popular summer treat - popsicles.  Food never looked so good.    

Reverie is as beautiful and lovely as its' name.  We get much of our inspiration from wedding blogs, sites and mags.  Reverie is from the UK, so the publication has fabulous British flair that is brought to its' readers from co-founders, Mary Lee Harrington and Kate Taylor.  The magazine is brimming with luscious, dreamlike images and we promise you, you will not be disappointed.  


Are you a lover of interior design? Then this digital magazine is for you. Roco is an interior design magazine that comes to you from Ireland.  The magazine like its' founder designer Rachael Colton, is chic and classic.  The first issue was recently released and we can't wait to see what else Ms. Colton has up her sleeves.  So people be the first of your friends and get reading this mag.

Sweet Lemon Magazine is, as they put it, about "Celebrating uniqueness – whether you enjoy champagne with macarons, or a Coke and a hotdog!"  We love that.  This lifestyle magazine includes a little bit of everything, including fashion. 


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  2. Hello Ladies! Golly!! I am just so thrilled to be included on your list of must-reads!! WOW!!! What an absolute honor!!! You have a wonderful site and I'm looking forward to reading more! Happy Celebrating!!! ~ Jennifer

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