Summer Party Ideas

During the summer months many people seem to have a luau themed party, but we would love to see one inspired by post-impressionist artist Paul Gauguin.  He went to Tahiti to revive himself both spiritually and artistically, as many of us go to a tropical destinations to revive ourselves today.  Going to the French Polynesian island brought him back to a place of simplicity and away from the stresses of the civilized world.  Gauguin was inspired by all that surrounded him and painted several works in oil depicting Tahitian life. 

We would love to see a outdoor party that is simple, casual and dare we say a bit primitive.  Put together some rustic finger foods and of course some deliciously sweet tropical cocktails.  Find a table that is low to the ground and sit in the grass or sand, put out some cushions for more comfort and layer some sarongs to use as tablecloths. 

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