Wedding Getaway Cars

We live in Metro Detroit, land of the automotive industry.  Growing up and living in this area means that several people you know work for, or are connected to the car industry.  There is an arts college in downtown Detroit that has a department in transportation design.  We not only think about the engineering that takes place to create a car, but also the external design of cars.  People around here see the beauty in cars. 

Last weekend was the Dream Cruise, which is a celebration of cars.  All types of car owners parade their cars on Woodward Avenue, while crowds line along side the road and reminisce about their first car or fantasize about their dream car. It was first meant for those who have classic cars, but now it has grown to anyone who has a car that wants to show it off.  In honor of the Dream Cruise, we have put together a collection of wedding getaway cars.  Happy cruising to all those who love cars and their design. 

clockwise from center
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  1. Love the pictures of Brides and Grooms leaving in a great vintage getaway car!
    ♡ Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  2. Thanks so much Lexi! We adore all things vintage.