Celebrating This Weekend - Holiday Break

My husband and daughter have had a nice long holiday break and we have enjoyed every minute of staying up late, sleeping in and slow mornings for almost a good two weeks, but on Monday its' back to the regular old routine.  Remember this post where I missed snow?  Well, over the break we received plenty of it and not much has melted away.  On Christmas Eve, when we walked out of church you could see through the glow of the parking lot lights the snow gently floating to the ground.  It was magical.  I haven't seen a white Christmas in years.  It was perfect. 

We will savor these last few days together, but in between that, I need to put away the holiday decor around my house.  It's such a chore, isn't it?  It's never as fun to put away as it is to put up and the house seems so empty afterwards.  So being with my family is really the celebration part of the weekend, the cleaning up part, eh, not so much.


  1. It's so true. I have a wonderful time getting all the decorations out but once it's time to put it all the way, it's no fun! It also reminds me how long we have to wait for Christmas to come around again.

  2. Jenmarie, I'm in the middle of putting everything away right now. Nothing ever fits in the box the way it came out either. Lol.