Celebrating This Weekend: Warmth + Comfort

One of my favorite things about winter is that I have a night time ritual with my husband.  After we tuck the kids into bed I always ask my husband if he wants a cup of tea.  I always know that he will say "yes", but for some reason I still ask him this question every winter night.  I put on a pot of tea, I grab my favorite fluffy warm blanket that my sister bought for me a few Christmases ago and I sit with husband on our couch and watch television and hold onto a warm cup of tea in my perpetually cold hands.  This little winter ritual is something I look forward to when the day winds down.  Have a beautiful weekend friends.  Stay warm and comfy.  


  1. How sweet! My husband and I love watching our favorite shows together too :) We haven't used our Keurig in a couple weeks, might have to do that soon!

  2. Jenmarie, husbands sure do make great t.v. watching buddies.