Valentine's Day Craft

I've made a New Year's resolution to do more craft/diy projects.  That's a fun resolution to have don't you think?  As I do projects, I'll most likely share them here at Cupcakes & Confetti.  So, here goes my first project of the year - a super simple Valentine's Day birdfeeder you can make with the kids.  I made this with my 3 year old and she loved it.  I think it would be an adorable gift to give to a grandparent or teacher or just keep it for yourself. 

Cut a heart out of the cardboard.  Make a hole in the top of the heart and cut a piece of twine and string it through the hole.  I like the rustic look of the jute, but you could also use a stripped baker's twine, which I also used.  I found a red and white stripped one, perfect for Valentine's Day.
Spread the peanut butter on both sides of the heart and then sprinkle the sides with birdseed.  I put down some newspaper for easy clean up.  Easy peasy, right?


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