Asian Style Fish

If you're observing Lent, you may be eating fish on Fridays for the next few weeks.  My husband is Catholic, so our family is doing the fish Friday thing.  I enjoy it, because it gets me out of cooking rut and it makes me search for and cook more fish dishes.  It seems as though fish is a scary thing to cook and it shouldn't be that way at all.  I swear to you that this is a super simple dish, that's fast, fresh and yummy, even if you're not observing Lent.      

Tip alert!  The most time consuming part of making this dish is chopping all of the veggies.  If you are short on time, chop the veggies earlier in the day or the day before you make the dish.  Put the chopped veggies in a plastic bag and stick them in the fridge until your ready to get cooking.  Do you have left over fresh ginger?  You can slice it up, lay it flat in a freezer bag and pop it in the freezer to use later. 


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