DIY Mini Cookie Gift Box

You know the old saying "bigger is better", I don't think that always the case.  I love mini everything - mini horses, mini bunting, mini candy bars, I could go on, but you get the point.  I was out grocery at the grocery store and came upon these heart shaped paper mache boxes.  I have a collection of mini cookie cutters and I thought what a great way to package some heart shaped cookies for Valentine's Day. 

Here's how I did it.  You can use your favorite sugar cookie dough recipe or take a short cut and buy some premade dough from the store.  No one will know the difference and it will be a little secret just between you and I.  First I baked the cookies, allowed them to cool, and then frosted them with pink royal icing.  I allowed the frosting to dry overnight before placing them into the box.  I decorated the box with a pink arrow I that cut out of felt, which I then glued onto the top of the box.  I was able to put four cookies in the box, which I lined with parchment paper.  For the finishing touch I wrapped the box in red and white stripped twine.  Adorable, don't you think?


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